5 Computer Maintenance Tips

computers maintenanceComputer Maintenance

Slow Computer performance, Hard drive Fail, Program Application crash..etc are common users problem. 5 computer maintain tips below is general task that users should do to keep good performance for the computer.

1. Keep Your Computer Clean
Keeping your files and folders tidy will make your computer running smooth every days. It's important to keep as much free disk space as possible, a full HDD will run slow, and it will take longer to do the above processes as there are more files to scan. Virtual Memory requires large amounts of HDD space, if your HDD is full, the space is not available for Virtual Memory.

2. Uninstall Unused Programs.
Many new program release every day sometime we need to install and test the program, if you found that the new program is not good or you rarely run the program do not keep the program in your computer. These programs clutter up your drive and take up valuable space. You might be tempted to delete these programs from your drive, but doing so will cause problems. You must use the uninstall function of Windows for the program to be removed safely and completely.

3. Scandisk and Defrag
When Windows installs programs, it will put the files it needs anywhere that it finds free space, and not directly after the last program installed. As a result, your hard drive has patches of empty space on it that are not big enough to fit a full program, and will result in a drive space error if you attempt to install something new. Scandisk your drive to check for lost file fragments and to fix any errors it finds, then Defrag to pack all of the program files together at the beginning of your drive. This will clear out those empty patches and move all of the free space you've just created to the end of your drive.

4. Back Up
The most important thing you can do as a computer owner is to consistently and reliably back up the data stored on your hard drive. Hardware used to be the most valuable part of a computer but those bits and bytes are now the real investment.

backup any data you cannot afford to lose to at least two separate physical drives. So backup data to external hard drives, Zip disks, CD-RWs etc.
The time to backup is when you create something you can't afford to lose. Don't wait until tomorrow. If you don't regularly backup this information, a serious computer problem could leave you with nothing but a huge feeling of regret

5. Update
Keeping the software on your computer up to date is no longer an optional part of computer ownership. Viruses, worms, junk mail, security breaches, hardware incompatibilities, and software conflicts are all now part of your daily digital life. Updating your computer with the latest patches, fixes, and device drivers really can keep these annoyances at bay. Updates are freely available on the Internet for just about every antivirus program, email client, operating system, and piece of hardware you could possibly own

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These tips are very useful for the fast running of our pc. Also taking time to clean the CPU's physical components can help a lot as the clutters inside can cause a lot of heat in the components and thereby can break down.

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